The Facebook platform is currently the most important and dynamic platform online.  There are many ways to interact with the over half a billion users on Facebook. From simple social plugins that can be placed on your website to sophisticated Facebook Pages and Groups to advanced Facebook Applications, we have the skill and creativity to get the job done.

Facebook Application Development (Canvas)

Facebook Applications can leverage the power of the Facebook network to engage with users and become viral.  Games such as Frontierville and Farmville have tens of millions of users and generate hundreds of millions in revenue for companies such as Zynga.  If a game is developed and marketed well it could become viral – passed from friend to friend – and reach an audience much larger than would have been expected from the marketing effort.

Applications built for profit can make money through advertising revenue sharing and selling virtual goods or capabilities.  Applications built for brands work through deep customer engagement and virally attracting potential new customers.

Our Facebook Application Development team has a deep understanding of the Facebook API and have worked on a variety of Facebook applications.

Some examples of Facebook Applications include

  • Social Games
  • Quizzes
  • Fundraising
  • Competitions

Custom Facebook Page Development

Facebook Pages allow companies  to welcome visitors through a branded experience.  By using Facebook’s own Markup language (FBML) we can create custom entry pages that have a much deeper brand integration.  Some examples of how we can enhance your Facebook Page include:

  • Custom welcome tab
  • Interactive quizzes and surveys
  • Coupons/promotions/contests
  • Twitter feed integration
  • Blog/RSS integration
  • Enhanced photo gallery integration
  • Enhanced video gallery/Youtube channel integration
  • Flash animations
  • Customized gifts

Facebook Single Sign-on (aka Facebook Connect)

Integrating Facebook Single Sign-on enables you to remove the registration process for your site by enabling users to log in user their Facebook credentials.  Once a user has logged in, you can access the user’s Facebook account information in order to present a more customized, interactive and social experience.