Introducing the “Quick Audit” – Low-Cost, Low-Risk and High-Reward.

For a limited time only we are introducing the “Quick Audit”.   The “Quick Audit” is a superb service for those who have just recently launched or relaunched their website, or sites that are disappointed with their current Internet marketing efforts.  Our quick audit includes:

  • Compilation of external website statistics
    • Third party ranking (external) – Well-known web services such as, and rank websites based on their number of visits and provide approximations of website visitors and pageviews.  The ranking is based on a number of sources including tracking information collected from users of toolbars provided by each web service (which are integrated in to popular web browsers such as Internet Explorer).  Web surfers who have these toolbars installed constitute a sampling of all users online.
    • Google PageRank™ – A relative ranking of importance that Google ascribes to a website.  The scale goes from 0 (lowest importance) to 10 (highest importance).
    • The number of pages indexed by major search engines.
  • Keyword Analysis
    • We will compile a list of relevant keywords that potential clients would use in a search engine such as Google when looking for products or services sold by your company, up to 10 keywords.
    • We will determine how well your company’s site ranks in major search engines for the list of keywords we will have compiled.  A chart outlining each keyword, the estimated number of searches made per month, and the ranking of your company’s site in each major search engine will be provided to you.
  • Link Analysis
    • External links to a website are important for referral traffic and search engine ranking.  High quality, relevant inbound links are a considerable asset to any website.
    • We will compile a list of websites that link to your company’s website and make a note on the overall quality and relevance of these links.
  • Reputation Analysis
    • Web users have numerous places online to express their discontent with a company (whether justified or malicious).  These include comments on product and service review sites and messages sent or posted in social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.  These comments, messages and posts can of course have a negative impact on sales.
    • We will conduct a basic search of review sites and social networks using tools such as tweetscan, Google Alerts and to look for any mention of your company’s website.
  • Visual and Usability Audit
    • We will provide an overview opinion of visual features of the website.
    • We provide basic feedback on the usability of your company’s website and highlight barriers to purchase your products and services.
    • If applicable, we can test your shopping cart with a small sample transaction, so judge the performance of the purchasing process.
  • Search Engine Optimization Potential
    • We can give you an idea of the optimization potential of your company’s website.
    • xHTML Validation – Coding of pages have best practices that should be adhered to – we will attempt to validate a number or pages to assess the quality of the website coding.
    • Webpage size and speed test – We will look for potential to increase the performance of the website, which could result in a better user experience and higher search engine rankings.
  • Assessment of Your Search Engine Marketing Strategies
    • We will take a look at your current pay-per-click advertising campaigns and make some basic suggestions on how you can improve your campaigns and conversion rates, and reduce your overall internet marketing costs.

Why do we offer this package?

We want businesses to take us for ‘test-drive’, to assess the quality of our services.  We are confident in our abilities to provide excellent services to your company, to enhance your marketing efforts and reduce your overall cost of customer acqusition.  We want you to keep us as your Internet marketing firm on an ongoing basis – if you decide to sign on as a client, we’ll credit you the evaluation cost to your account!