Online advertising is growing rapidly, and an all-encompassing Internet marketing strategy is essential to online success. To develop an appropriate strategy, we will analyze your site based on a number of factors: current traffic, website  usability and messaging, competition and pricing and promotions.

Current Traffic Analysis

  • Determine current visitors to your site (including geographic location), what they are looking for and how long they are spending on your site.
  • Determine probability of visitors reaching your contact page or post-sales page (i.e. reaching your goals).
  • If reaching set goals is problematic, try to determine potential reasons.

Determining Your Target Customers

  • Online marketing strategy will be dependent on target market
  • What are your target customers seeking?
  • What are the best way of reaching these customers?  Consider all marketing channels – blogs, articles/syndication, email marketing, PPC advertising, etc.
  • ROI will be maximized by targeting the top customers

Analyzing Competition’s Sales Tactics

  • Who is competition? Online, we have to look outside of geographically local competition.
  • What is the competition doing?  Are they paying for ads? Do they have a newsletter? Are they using social media marketing?
  • How do they rank in search engines and how many visitors do they get (approximately)?

Website Usability, Funnelling, Layout and Sales Pitch

  • Does your website help or hinder the sale ofl your products?
  • Determine steps between entering site and reaching a goal.
  • Focus is on navigation – can customers easily find what they are looking for?  Are they “funneled” in the right direction?
  • Are menus and site content clear and readable?
  • Is there a proper, visually-stimulating sales pitch for your product or service on your website?

Customer Acquisition Cost

  • What is the lifetime value of your average customer?
  • What is your current cost for acquiring a new customer?

Once all the above factors are investigated, we can then craft a marketing and promotion strategy that makes sense for your company and industry.  It might be possible that your pricing model can be adjusted to increase the value of each customer or to increase the total number of customers (via free trials, etc.)  It might be possible to drive sales via “call to action” strategies such as online coupons, free shipping promotions, contests and giveaways.  In every case, we will measure response of those we reach out to and will calibrate our methods to increase customer engagement and conversion.

Let us craft an online marketing/promotion strategy for your company!

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